Our Concept

Paws n' Poofs is a Lebanese interior design label specializing in pet furniture

Reimagine Luxury for Your Furry Family

Welcome to Paws n Poofs, where every purr and wag tail inspires us to redefine the luxury your pets deserve. Our exclusive collection of pet furniture blends sumptuous comfort with an aesthetic that gracefully complements your home.

Crafted with Heart, Shaped by Heritage

Rooted in a deep-seated family tradition of high-end furniture making, Paws n Poofs emerges. Our philosophy is simple: every pet deserves a throne. From the finest materials to the last stitch, our furniture is a testament to timeless craftsmanship infused with modern pet-centric innovation.

Artisanal Elegance, Pet Approved

Each curve and cushion of our furniture is thoughtfully designed to support and spoil your pets. Witness the marriage of artisanal elegance and pet comfort through our visual narrative.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Behind Paws n Poofs stand two brothers whose earliest memories are intertwined with the joyous barks that echoed through halls lined with exquisite furniture. Our journey from the sawdust of our family's workshop to the launch of Paws n Poofs is driven by a singular passion: enhancing the lives of pets and their families.

Purrs of Praise

Our patrons speak volumes, and their testimonials illuminate the joy our pieces bring to their homes. Discover why pet lovers everywhere choose Paws n Poofs for their cherished companions.